World War 3 Could Break Out At Any Time: North Korea Threatens ‘Unimaginable Strike’

The North Korean regime strongly condemned the US naval maneuvers carried out jointly with South Korea this week on the peninsula and threatened to respond by launching an “unimaginable attack”. The so-called... Read more »

North Korea Breaking News: Nuclear Weapons Are A ‘Recipe For Disaster’

The top US military commander in the Pacific warned that the situation in North Korea is a “recipe for disaster“, weeks before Donald Trump makes his first visit to the region as... Read more »

World War 3: US Warships Nearing North Korea

On Monday, US and South Korean navies held a joint exercise in a show of force to North Korea. Tensions on the peninsula have peaked in recent months because of the increased... Read more »

World War 3 Looms: DEFCON At Level 4

Satellite images showed that the communist regime transports ballistic missiles from the hangars on the outskirts of Pyongyang and in the province of North Phyongan to an area where the new test... Read more »

North Korea: Kim Jong-un Is Set For Another Missile Test

Kim Jong-un promoted his younger sister and ballistic and nuclear program officials as he was preparing for a new long-range missile test capable of hitting the United States. North Korea held a... Read more »

World War 3: NATO against military intervention

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg today warned against a military intervention in North Korea in an interview with AFP at the NATO headquarters in Brussels. “The use of military force will have... Read more »

Missing Girl In Texas: Father Charged

Punished by her father, she disappeared after being left alone in the street Since this weekend, her photo is on the front page of the American media. Sherin Mathews, 3, disappeared on Saturday... Read more »

North Korea: Kim Jong-Un regime promises “disaster” to Australia

THREATEN – North Korea on Saturday threatened Australia with a possible “disaster” if the country continues to support the military maneuvers of the United States and South Korea near the Asian peninsula.... Read more »

World War 3 Could Start With A Tweet

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have managed to make comical what should be the height of human tragedy: the end of the world decided on a whim The great events, Marx said,... Read more »

World War 3:. North Korea Has Finger On The Trigger

North Korea is preparing for a new launch of missiles before the joint naval maneuvers between South Korea and the United States that are due to start next week. A decisive step... Read more »