Donald Trump To Release Classified Files Of Assassination of John F Kennedy

The president said on his Twitter account that he will do so to have more information on the 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy. The declassification of these documents was scheduled for... Read more »

NEW 9/11 ATTACK Is Currently Being Planned ISIS AND AL-QAEDA

A high level US security chief is warning Isis fanatics and other terrorists groups are planning massive attack on USA soil. They are planning for huge explosions that inflict wide scale death... Read more »

North Korea Is Unwilling To Talk And Ready For World War 3

On Thrusday, CIA boss Mike Pompeo said that the United States should behave as if Kim Jong-Un‘s regime is “about to” get a nuclear missile capable of hitting targets US. “They [are]... Read more »

John F. Kelly Defends Donald Trump’s Call To Soldiers Widow Criticizes Congresswoman Wilson

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly said that in 2010, when his son Robert died in Afghanistan, the officer who gave the news explained that he had died “doing exactly what... Read more »

Radee L. Prince Linked To Fatal Shootings

Three killed and two wounded are the result of a shooting Wednesday in an industrial area in Harford County, Maryland, just outside of Baltimore. Police are still pursuing the suspect, a 37-year-old... Read more »

Maryland office park shooting: 3 Dead 2 Injured

A shootout at a business park in Edgewood, Marayland, US, left three people dead and two injured, while the whereabouts of the assailant are unknown. The Harford County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the... Read more »
Bill 62

Religious Neutrality Bill 62: What You Need To Know About Quebec’s Religious Neutrality Legislation

Several Liberal elected officials in Ottawa expressed disapproval of the bill on religious neutrality adopted Wednesday in the National Assembly. Quebec MP Alexandra Mendès went so far as to say that Ottawa... Read more »

Did Trump Really Say That To A Soldier’s Widow?

Myeshia Johnson was traveling to Miami International Airport when she received a personal phone call from the President of the United States. The young woman was to receive the remains of her... Read more »

North Korea spoke of the possibility of a “nuclear war”

The North Korean deputy ambassador to the United Nations said the situation on the Korean peninsula had reached a point of no return and that a “nuclear war could break out at... Read more »

North Korea: Kim Jong-un Is Set For Another Missile Test

Kim Jong-un promoted his younger sister and ballistic and nuclear program officials as he was preparing for a new long-range missile test capable of hitting the United States. North Korea held a... Read more »