WhatsApp To Receive Notification Channel Support for Android Oreo

Facebook-owned WhatsApp will receive enhanced notification support on Android Oreo and the update is available on the WhatsApp beta versions. The notification support for Oreo will reach masses soon enough and WhastApp users will be able to disable certain notifications and also prioritize others. WhatsApp notification channel support Google Chrome was the first software in … Read more

[Download] Google Play Store 8.7.09 APK with New Improvements

There are many things which make Google’s Android operating system so popular but the most important one has to be the apps. A great example of this is Uber, Facebook and Instagram. One of the main reason why people love buying Android powered devices is the endless amount of apps that they receive access to. … Read more

With iOS 11 Jailbreak Release Looming, Beware of Scam Jailbreaks and Unlocks

Jailbreaking enthusiasts have again a reason to be happy. It appears that the hard work of developers is finally paying off, and now that the LiberiOS tool has been released, we are just one step away from getting all the jailbreak benefits once again. However, there are still a few issues that need to be … Read more

Why Fully Untethered iOS 11 Jailbreak Will Be The Best Jailbreak Release in Years

The unexpected finally happened. Just when everyone believed that the jailbreaking community is over and Apple managed to win the fight, developer Jonathan Levin managed to launch a jailbreak tool for iOS 11, named LiberiOS. LiberiOS, came out on a Christmas day and it is available for iOS 11.0 to iOS 11.1.2. Not only that … Read more

Can You Jailbreak Your iPhone or iPad in iOS 11 and iOS 10?

Although jailbreaking an iPhone or iPad is risky, it still is popular for many users that want to add some tweaks on their phones and unofficial apps. The common jailbroken apps can be found on Cydia marketplace. Warning! Before starting to jailbreak your Apple device, you must know that you should avoid getting tweaks or … Read more