Google Earth Pro 7.3.1 Update Available With New Security Updates

According to Blorge, Google launched the new version of Google Earth Pro, 7.3.1, which brings some significant upgrades as Google made some fixes, security updates, and performance improvements. Plus, 64-bit support has been added! At the moment, Google Earth comes in three different variants, one of which is still addressing to only a few people: … Read more

Learn to Update Adobe Flash Player The Easy Way

Adobe Flash Player will receive updates until its termination date around 2020. According to Blorge, updating Flash Player is simple, yet very important to avoid security issues. There are several ways in which this process can be achieved and this article will guide you step by step. Verify your current Flash Player version. Chances are, … Read more

Adobe Flash Player Installer – Malware in Disguise

A seemingly legitimate update sometimes turns out to be a malicious software in disguise. A state-sponsored hacking campaign is using a new method of malware infiltration with the help of an innocent software update like Flash Player. Researchers at ESET uncovered the operation whose attacks are aimed at embassies and consulates in east European states … Read more

Adobe Flash Player Download Available on Windows with Security Fixes

The latest Adobe Flash Player update has reached v. and it’s available to download. Adobe has released the details about this version, showing us that they keep on working on fixing security issues. Microsoft has also patched these fixes on Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 and for those that want to directly … Read more

iOS 11 Jailbreak, Cydia, and Cydia Substrate Update by Saurik Release Date Soon

The jailbreaking community is slowly coming back to life. It appears that iOS 11 has finally been cracked and it is only a matter of time until jailbreak fans will be able to use all the advantages of jailbreaking on their iOS 11 devices. Everything started after developer Jonathan Levin released LiberiOS jailbreak. Now, everyone … Read more

Minecraft 1.65 Update Patch Notes – What We Need To Know

The newest Minecraft update is here for PS4 and it brings bug fixes, as well as upgrades. The Norse Mythology music was not playing on update 1.65 and even after restarting the game, the result was the same. Minecraft 1.64 Patch Notes for PS4 The previous Minecraft 1.64 included a Norse Mythology Mashup Pack and … Read more