World War 3: 93-Year-Old Former President May Be The Last Chance For Peace

Known beyond his presidency for his philanthropic, diplomatic and democracy-promoting missions in the world, former President Jimmy Carter would be willing to travel to North Korea on behalf of President Donald Trump to help ease the growing tension between the two countries. The 93-year-old former President said in an interview with The New York Times … Read more

Syrian forces with US support declares victory in Raqqa

A United States-backed Syrian force officially declared its victory over the Islamic State group (ISIS) in its self-styled “capital” of Raqqa on Friday, announcing that the northern city of Syria had been freed from any extremist presence after a four-month battle that the left in ruins. During a press conference in the city, the Kurdish … Read more

Religious Neutrality Bill 62: What You Need To Know About Quebec’s Religious Neutrality Legislation

Bill 62

Several Liberal elected officials in Ottawa expressed disapproval of the bill on religious neutrality adopted Wednesday in the National Assembly. Quebec MP Alexandra Mendès went so far as to say that Ottawa will probably have to get involved, because the legislation contravenes the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The challenge should not necessarily come … Read more

Vladimir Putin Begins To Sever Tires With North Korea

Russian President Vladimir Putin has agreed to suspend technical and scientific cooperation with North Korea, according to the official portal of Russian legislation. “We need to stop technical and scientific cooperation with organizations and people representing North Korea,” he says in the document. At the same time, the Decree states that exceptions are the exchange … Read more

World War 3 Inevitable?: North Korea Will Never Abandon Nuclear Weapons Program

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has returned to defend the development of its “valuable” nuclear program in response to the threats of the US, coinciding with statements by Donald Trump that “one thing will work” with Pyongyang. As North Korea celebrates today’s two major anniversary days for the regime, the North Korean media today picked … Read more

World War 3: NATO against military intervention

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg today warned against a military intervention in North Korea in an interview with AFP at the NATO headquarters in Brussels. “The use of military force will have devastating consequences, I think nobody really wants that,” Stoltenberg said, queried about Donald Trump’s warrior rhetoric about the North Korean crisis. The US … Read more

Iran: John Kerry denounces Trump’s “dangerous” decision

Donald Trump’s decision not to “certify” the Iranian nuclear agreement while pleading for its toughening by Congress is “dangerous” and “opens an international crisis,” said Friday the former chief of the US diplomacy John Kerry, negotiator of the 2015 text. “This puts the national security interests of the United States and their closest allies at … Read more