With World War 3, President Trump Is Prepared For Anything

President Donald Trump reiterated Sunday that the United States was very well prepared for any eventuality against North Korea. “We are so prepared that you would not believe it. You’d be surprised how much we’re ready for anything, if it’s needed, “said President Trump in an interview with Fox News. Seemingly referring to the military … Read more

Donald Trump To Release Classified Files Of Assassination of John F Kennedy

The president said on his Twitter account that he will do so to have more information on the 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy. The declassification of these documents was scheduled for next week. President Donald Trump said on Saturday he will authorize the opening of hundreds of archives that have been classified for decades … Read more

Maryland office park shooting: 3 Dead 2 Injured

A shootout at a business park in Edgewood, Marayland, US, left three people dead and two injured, while the whereabouts of the assailant are unknown. The Harford County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the facts and asked the media to avoid spreading tactical positions. He also released a photograph of the suspect he identified as Radee Labeeb Prince, who … Read more


New stunning images of what appears to be an alien transported on a stretcher after the Roswell accident have just surfaced. They were posted on YouTube with the caption: “Roswell crash of UFO, new images of alien bodies”. In 1947, a supposed UFO crash in area 51 in the USA was reported. The soldiers seemed … Read more

Shooting in Las Vegas: Stephen Paddock’s spouse returned to the United States

The spouse of a pensioner suspected of killing 58 people in Las Vegas returned to the United States after leaving the Philippines, sources said Wednesday at Manila International Airport. Marilou Danley, described by the US authorities as a “person of interest” in the investigation, left the country on Tuesday night, police sources and immigration officials … Read more

More Than 50 Dead in Las Vegas In Worst Mass Shooting In History

A shooter opened fire on Sunday night in Las Vegas on a crowd gathered for an outdoor concert, killing at least 50 people in what is the most deadly shooting in decades in the United States. At least 200 other people were injured, said Las Vegas sheriff Joe Lombardo. The shooter was shot by the … Read more

3 Officers and 1 Soldier Die in Militant Hub in Egypt 


Three officers and one soldier died earlier this week while clearing a militant hub in the Bahariya Oasis in Egypt’s western desert. According to the military reports a suicide belt went off at the time the forces entered the hub. Military spokesperson Tamer el-Refaie said on his Facebook page that the incident took place during ongoing … Read more

In Iraq, ISIS seals off area around symbolic mosque in Mosul 


Islamic State group militants have blocked the area around a highly symbolic mosque in Mosul’s Old City where the group’s leader made his first and only public appearance in 2014, a resident said Thursday, Fox News reported. The move came as U.S.-backed Iraqi forces are pushing to recapture the city’s remaining pockets. The militants have … Read more