Adobe Flash Player Installer – Malware in Disguise

A seemingly legitimate update sometimes turns out to be a malicious software in disguise. A state-sponsored hacking campaign is using a new method of malware infiltration with the help of an innocent software update like Flash Player. Researchers at ESET uncovered the operation whose attacks are aimed at embassies and consulates in east European states … Read more

Importance of Antivirus Software for Small Businesses

Antivirus Software for Small Business

Unlike big businesses and corporations, a small business will have to make do of a smaller budget to make things happen for the company with profit in mind while careful not to compromise favorable working conditions. If your business involves processes that requires working with the Internet then cyber security is one of the aspects … Read more

Best Antivirus You Can Get For Free In 2018 For Your PC

Best Antivirus 2018

A lot of people would like to install free software for the premium services they would get. It may seem unfair to the people behind the antivirus software but they offer it for free. Of course, they only offer basic antivirus services for personal or home use. Here are some of the most popular antivirus … Read more

How to Update Antivirus Software on Windows 10

Have you wondered if Windows Defender is up-to date? Do you have to manually update it? Let’s see 3 ways of keeping Windows Defender updated and how you can do it. Usually Windows Defender receives regular updates, but users should check the latest security definitions. The updates on Windows 10 are automatically getting installed on … Read more

Top 5 Free Antivirus Programs for 2018

Hackers have been responsible for many internet crimes over the last year and they proved their ability to create deadly malware. Malicious viruses can get user’s personal data such as credentials or online banking accounts. Thankfully, most giant leaders of the security industry release antivirus software for free. Most recommended antivirus programs for 2018 There … Read more

Best Antivirus Software Choices for Small Businesses

Some of the best antivirus softwares are Karspersky Small Office Security 4.0, Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security and Panda Endpoint Protection Plus 7.20. Small business owners know it is very important to keep all information safe from malware. Technology is always evolving and sometimes it can be difficult to decide which antivirus program is best for … Read more

How to Choose the Best Small Business Anti-Virus Software

Small Business Anti-Virus Software

There are a lot of Antivirus software circulating in the market right now and determining the best among them is a matter of debate. There are a lot of choices to choose from because of the multitude of strong contenders plus the fact that today’s best might become one of tomorrows worst. This finicky situation … Read more

Microsoft Security Patch Offers Adobe Flash Player Update

All Adobe Flash Player users need to be concerned about the software’s security vulnerabilities. After all, there are many threats like the Bad Rabbit ransomware that can affect a person’s computer and pocketbook. The Bad Rabbit ransomware, which was developed to look like a Flash Player update, was a malware that was created through social … Read more