Finding the Free Antivirus that Works Efficiently

free antivirus Avast

If you are a Windows personal computer user, whether desktop or a laptop, it does not matter you know you will have to use an anti-virus software because being the Operating system with the biggest share of users attracts a lot of malicious hackers who either want to steal from you or just wants to … Read more

AV-Test Scores Antivirus Software: McAfee Scores High

The famous German testing lab, AV-Test has scored antivirus software for Windows, MAC and Android. The results were shared on the Madgeburg-based company’s lab and the periodical evaluation had a surprise: the McAfee antivirus has managed to surpass the malware crisis and stand once more in the Premiere League of antivirus companies. Top antivirus companies … Read more

Uninstall Avast Free Antivirus From Your PC

Avast Free Antivirus is an antivirus tool that was created by Avast and is available for free. This security company has millions of users and it is one of the most popular if we judge by the number of downloads. Despite all this, not everyone has the best opinion about the Avast program. Indeed, it … Read more

Bad Rabbit Malware Spreading To Countries In Eastern Europe Through Flash Player Vulnerability

Another malware attack using the embattled Adobe Flash Player has been spotted. It’s known as the Bad Rabbit, and it’s been striking companies throughout Russia and Eastern Europe.  Bad Rabbit spreads through infected websites to the computers and devices of innocent victims. According to an intelligence team with Cisco, the threat will redirect victims to … Read more

Chrome Users See Better Protection From Hackers Exploiting Adobe Flash Player Vulnerabilities

Adobe Flash Player has seen an uptick in vulnerabilities to Internet threats, but Google Chrome is still the best in keeping its users secure. Why? Chrome was able to sandbox the plug-in, which is why people are advised to update their Google Chrome browser often to thwart any attempt at any attack through the Flash … Read more

Bad Rabbit Malware Appears To Mainly Attack Russian Computers

There’s been a rampant rise of ransomware malware, with anti-malware software companies doing everything they can to protect individual and company computers. The problem is that once one is solved, another comes around. This time, it’s affecting computers throughout the Eastern Europe area. Dubbed Bad Rabbit, it’s attacked Russian media outlets like Interfax. The ransomware … Read more

Best Anti-Malware Software Download for Your Computer

The Internet was one of the most important inventions of mankind, but it also came with several threats that can affect the privacy of the users. From viruses to ransomware, there are plenty of ways used by malicious coders in order to get to your device and extort money from you. Luckily, there are many … Read more