Kim Jong-Nam’s Assassination Trial Returns To Scene Of Crime

The two women accused of killing the disgraced half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un were taken under heavy escort on Tuesday to Kuala Lumpur International Airport for a visit to the crime scene. Wearing a bullet-proof vest, Indonesian Siti Aisyah and Vietnamese Thi Huong were taken to the airport along with the presiding judge, … Read more

With World War 3, President Trump Is Prepared For Anything

President Donald Trump reiterated Sunday that the United States was very well prepared for any eventuality against North Korea. “We are so prepared that you would not believe it. You’d be surprised how much we’re ready for anything, if it’s needed, “said President Trump in an interview with Fox News. Seemingly referring to the military … Read more

North Korea Is Unwilling To Talk And Ready For World War 3

On Thrusday, CIA boss Mike Pompeo said that the United States should behave as if Kim Jong-Un‘s regime is “about to” get a nuclear missile capable of hitting targets US. “They [are] pretty close now,” he said. One slogan: predict the worst. CIA Director Mike Pompeo said Thursday at a Washington conference that the United … Read more

Syrian forces with US support declares victory in Raqqa

A United States-backed Syrian force officially declared its victory over the Islamic State group (ISIS) in its self-styled “capital” of Raqqa on Friday, announcing that the northern city of Syria had been freed from any extremist presence after a four-month battle that the left in ruins. During a press conference in the city, the Kurdish … Read more

Fact Check: No Melania Trump Does Not Have A Body Double

Half Twitter is convinced that Melania Trump uses a double to appear in public (but it is not true) Melania Trump is trending topic on Twitter, what happened this time? Did she say something contriversial on twitter? Did she show public distain towards her husband? Has she again rejected the President’s hand in front of … Read more


New stunning images of what appears to be an alien transported on a stretcher after the Roswell accident have just surfaced. They were posted on YouTube with the caption: “Roswell crash of UFO, new images of alien bodies”. In 1947, a supposed UFO crash in area 51 in the USA was reported. The soldiers seemed … Read more