WhatsApp Download Latest Beta APK Update For March 2018

WhatsApp Download Latest Beta APK Update

If you have not been a beta tester yet, you might have wondered how some people easily have a preview of the upcoming version of an app. The same thing happens if you see the latest version of WhatsApp, which is still in beta format. The beta version of WhatsApp is 2.18.74, which brings along … Read more

When You Need A Break From Facebook: Temporarily Deactivating Your Social Media Account

Facebook has more than two billion active users on a monthly basis, but every now and then, a person may decide that deleting their account is the right thing to do. If you want to deactivate your account on Facebook but keep Messenger, there are several things you need to do before going through with … Read more

Scammer Trying To Trick WhatsApp Users To Pay Fake Subscription Fee

WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular online messaging apps, with regular updates for bugs and new features. Although that’s the case and even though it’s been trying, the developer hasn’t been able to foolproof its app from various threats. WhatsApp has its fair share of scammers that are looking for various ways in … Read more

WhatsApp Seen As Worthwhile, Money-Saving Alternative To SMS Messaging Service

WhatsApp is a highly recognized alternative to text messaging and SMS. However, it can also be used for audio and video files, voice messages and images. The app covers an array of devices and operating systems for the following devices: Android Blackberry iOS Nokia Symbian Windows Phone Can you send SMS messages to other users … Read more

WhatsApp Beta Update: Facebook Stickers, New Group Calling and Contacts Features

WhatsApp has submitted a new updated version of their app through the Google Play Beta Program – meaning you can only get it on Android devices. The version is 2.17.443 and it bring a lot of new features to the table for users to try out before the update goes live. Let’s see what has … Read more

WhatsApp “Delete for Everyone” Can Be Hacked to Work After 7 Minutes

We’ve all been grateful when WhatsApp has introduced their amazing new feature which allowed us to recall our wrong text to people. This option was released in an update last year by the Facebook-owned app company and it lets us recall those messages we’ve sent by mistake. And not only you can use it in … Read more

WhatsApp APK Download Still Reliable despite New Year’s Eve 2018 Incident

WhatsApp APK Download

There was a slight glitch that came to exist in the Eve of the New Year 2018. For this reason, the app failed to work and left thousands unable to receive or send text messages. The affected areas were mainland Europe and the U.K. The said problem came to be at around 6pm in the … Read more

Latest WhatsApp Status, Update, and News For 2018

Latest WhatsApp Status

It should be awful to be the bearer of bad news in the New Year’s Day of 2018. Well, this was the update released by WhatsApp, as it announced to discontinue supporting old smartphones. This means that you have to purchase new devices if you are going to use the famous chat app with all … Read more