[Download] Facebook Messenger Beta APK Update with One New Feature

Nowadays, everyone can get in touch with their friends through the simple press of a button and I am not talking about placing phone calls. People can use app such as Facebook Messenger and find whoever they want by searching their name or phone number on Facebook. This also makes Facebook Messenger a great app … Read more

WhatsApp Download and Install Available on Nokia X, Nokia X2 and Nokia X

WhatsApp is a chat application that connects millions of users. The app allows you to send text messages, pictures, videos, documents, links, and locations, and it is one of the most complex chat apps thanks to the fact that it receives constant updates that are meant to refine it. Nowadays, it is almost necessary to … Read more

How WhatsApp Works For Different Platforms

WhatsApp Works

WhatsApp has become a useful tool for communications, particularly for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and desktop computers. Each platform requires different versions of the app. Here are several requirements that correspond to your type of device. WhatsApp For Android Device The minimum requirements for Android devices must be at least running operating system version 2.3.3 … Read more

WhatsApp APK Download and Test the Latest Feature

WhatsApp APK Download

WhatsApp APK file is obviously intended for Android mobile devices to download and install. It is an alternative if you prefer to download the app aside from the Google Play Store. In fact, you can download the app from a trusted website in case you want to try the beta version of WhatsApp. The beta … Read more

WhatsApp Has Earned Some Mixed Reactions from Its Users

whatsapp users

WhatsApp is a communication tool that has become so popular around the world. However, you have to keep the app updated in order to take advantage of the many features. Part of this is to avoid certain abuses done by hackers to victimize users all over the world. For instance, WhatsApp is releasing a new … Read more

Facebook Messenger Beta APK Download Available with Audio and Video Calls Improvements

Facebook is the world’s most popular social media platform. This platform is also bundled with a special messenger that’s packed with tons of features which have been specially designed to make it easier for Facebook users to communicate. Basically, Facebook Messenger is the place where everyone can instantly connect with their friends, family members and … Read more

WhatsApp Messenger 2.17.395 Download APK Update with Two New Features

When it comes to free messaging apps, WhatsApp is the name that usually pops up. WhatsApp is a highly optimized communication tool that excels in providing users with the necessary tools to get in touch with their friends such as free audio calls and online messaging. Moreover, WhatsApp is a cross-platform app which runs on … Read more