Popular Free Calling Apps For Your iOS Or Android Mobile Device

free calling apps

More people are using mobile apps to get free calls nowadays. The use of voice over Internet protocol or VoIP apps have become more popular because calls made over cellular connection would incur data charges. However, this would depend on the free calling apps used by your family or friends. Here are some of the … Read more

FaceTime vs. Google Duo vs. Facebook vs. WhatsApp – What Should You Use?

There’s no ideal identical app to Apple’s Facetime. In any case, there are additionally a lot of applications that claim to offer video chats. But they can’t really satisfy desires. We chose three best applications Android clients should attempt as a contrasting option to Facetime. Google Duo It offers phenomenal video quality by means of … Read more

International Free Conference Call Can Help Manage Businesses Effectively

International Free Conference Call

In the modern world, communication is key in creating important connections or business collaborations. However, it doesn’t mean that communication should be expensive. In fact, most international conference calls are offered without any fee. This can be made possible if users would access the international conference call toll free numbers from certain countries all over … Read more

Using WhatsApp on Your Computer and Syncing It with Your Smartphone

WhatsApp on Your Computer

People would want to have access to their social media accounts anywhere. This includes access to instant messaging accounts such as WhatsApp on the computer aside from having it on the mobile device. However, WhatsApp is not supported on desktop computers. You can only access your WhatsApp account by visiting the link https://web.whatsapp.com from your … Read more

WhatsApp Security App Keeps Communication between Parties Safe

WhatsApp Security App

Many people might be using social media messaging apps, but not all of them are aware about security features. That’s why WhatsApp is confident enough to inform you that security and privacy are one of their priorities. Since the day WhatsApp was built, the main focus was to help people keep in touch with family … Read more

Free Calling Apps You Can Download for Android Or iOS Devices

Free Calling Apps to Download

People would look for ways to cut down costs of daily living. One of them is the cost of communications via the Internet. Popular among these communications media is voice over Internet protocol or VoIP on your mobile devices. Thus, free calling apps are available for download to make free calls over the Web. Here … Read more

Free Calling App Comparison: Five of the Best!

Free Calling App Comparison

Before any form of advance communication was invented people relied on telegrams, which were messages written in a piece of paper or parcel that essentially are then carried by the messenger and handed out to the intended receiver. A letter would sometimes travel for months before finally arriving at its destination. Luckily we didn’t stop … Read more

Best Free Calling App You Can Install For Desktop or Mobile Devices

Best Free Calling App

Deciding which free calling app you need to use can sometimes be confusing with the bunch of promising apps out there. If you own a mobile device with Internet connectivity, then you no longer need a cellular network to make calls. In fact, it could help you save money if you use some calling apps … Read more