WhatsApp Messenger 2.17.395 Download APK Update with Two New Features

When it comes to free messaging apps, WhatsApp is the name that usually pops up. WhatsApp is a highly optimized communication tool that excels in providing users with the necessary tools to get in touch with their friends such as free audio calls and online messaging. Moreover, WhatsApp is a cross-platform app which runs on … Read more

Chrome 63 Beta Version Download Available – Changes Chrome Home, Permissions and Other Features

Google has just released their Chrome 63 beta, after only one week of Chrome 62 having been launched in its stable version. Chrome 63 beta brings some changes that are useful to developers, but there are also a few changes regarding UI. Developers will have dynamic module imports, a Device Memory API, and async iterators … Read more

Mysterious North African and Middle East Underground Cybercrime Market

The Taiwanese multinational security software company, Trend Micro, released a report about Middle East and North African cybercrime. Experts at Trend Micro explained the difference between different underground cybercrime communities such as the American one, the Russian, the Japanese, the Chinese and the Brazilian market. Trend Micro’s report According to the security company the marketplaces … Read more

Google Play Services 11.7.44 APK Update Download Ahead of Everyone Else

Android fans who want to make sure that their operating system is always running as intended should never uninstall Play Services. This is a key Android app which enables all other apps and mobile games automatically update themselves. This is what makes Play Services a vital component of the Android ecosystem. However, the app’s functionality … Read more

[Download] Google Maps Update – Navigation and Transit 9.65.0 Beta DAPK with New Bug Fixes

Every popular app has a beta program which allows users to enlist and to receive access to new updates ahead of everyone else. Google Maps is obviously one of the most popular apps ever made and Android fans who are enlisted in the beta program should be happy to know that they can download a … Read more

Fake Adobe Flash Player Installer Comes with Bad Rabbit Ransomware

If you’ve seen websites that show you a download link for Adobe Flash Player, then don’t click it! A new ransomware under the name of ‘Bad Rabbit’ has appeared on 24 October in Russia and East Europe. It has infected a lot of websites, looking like an Adobe Flash Player available for download. The Ransomware … Read more

Caught Red-Handed: Google Maps Street View Catching Thieves and Attacks

Who doesn’t love the Street View feature from Google Maps? We haven’t heard anyone complaining about its existence, on the contrary, it has been handy to everyone, worldwide. It not only shows you the way, with 360-degree photographs, it also lets you wonder the streets of a far, far away place from the comfort of … Read more