World War 3 Seems Inevitable as North Korea Threatens to Use Nuclear Weapons within Nine Months

North Korea has always been sharing a conflictive relationship with the United States of America. The two countries have been at each other’ throats for many years and it seems that experts believe that Kim Jong-un could use nuclear weapons to hit the US mainland within nine months. The North Korean dictator could strike soon … Read more

Sherin Mathews: Police Discover Body Of Missing Girl

TEXAS – The investigation into the disappearance of little Sherin Mathews could have taken an unexpected turn after finding a corpse in the Richardson area. On Sunday around 11 a.m., police held a press conference explaining that the body could belong to Sherin, although the coroner is still expected to determine her identity. The discovery … Read more

John McCain Mocks Draft Dodger Donald Trump

In an interview on the Vietnam War, Republican Senator John McCain appeared to mock President Donald Trump by criticizing “high-income” people who avoided being recruited by seeking a doctor who “said they had a bone spur “. Trump, who went to a private military academy in New York during his youth, received five deferral of … Read more

World War 3: Russia Promises Something “Worse Than A Nuclear Bomb”

On Saturday, Russian president Vladimir Putin addressed the youth at the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students, which is held in Russia from October 14th to 22nd. In any issue that one engages in, one should never “forget the moral and ethical pillars,” the Russian president said in his speech in the Russian city … Read more

World War 3: 93-Year-Old Former President May Be The Last Chance For Peace

Known beyond his presidency for his philanthropic, diplomatic and democracy-promoting missions in the world, former President Jimmy Carter would be willing to travel to North Korea on behalf of President Donald Trump to help ease the growing tension between the two countries. The 93-year-old former President said in an interview with The New York Times … Read more

Donald Trump To Release Classified Files Of Assassination of John F Kennedy

The president said on his Twitter account that he will do so to have more information on the 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy. The declassification of these documents was scheduled for next week. President Donald Trump said on Saturday he will authorize the opening of hundreds of archives that have been classified for decades … Read more

NEW 9/11 ATTACK Is Currently Being Planned ISIS AND AL-QAEDA

A high level US security chief is warning Isis fanatics and other terrorists groups are planning massive attack on USA soil. They are planning for huge explosions that inflict wide scale death and destruction. Elaine Duke, the acting Secretary of Homeland Security for President Donald Trump, said jihadists were using crude knife and van attacks … Read more

North Korea Is Unwilling To Talk And Ready For World War 3

On Thrusday, CIA boss Mike Pompeo said that the United States should behave as if Kim Jong-Un‘s regime is “about to” get a nuclear missile capable of hitting targets US. “They [are] pretty close now,” he said. One slogan: predict the worst. CIA Director Mike Pompeo said Thursday at a Washington conference that the United … Read more