The Turkish police prevented an attack of the Islamic State

Turkish security forces have detained three jihadists of the terrorist group Islamic State, who planned to carry out a major attack. This happened within а specialized police operation in the city of Gaziantep, where two weeks ago jihadists carried out a bloody suicide bombing at a wedding. Then 54 people died and dozens were injured. … Read more

Among the departed from Belgium to fight for the Islamic State there are over 100 women

Currently, the new Belgian database for foreign terrorist fighters includes 104 women out of a total of 614 people. One in every six on the list is about 20 years old. The youngest is 15 years old and the oldest is 70. Two out of three in the database are likely in the Islamic State in … Read more

Berlin is investigating dozens of members of the armed forces on suspicion of extremism

German’s Military Counterintelligence Service is investigating 64 persons working for the Armed Forces (Bundeswehr), suspected of being “extremist Islamists” . This was announced today by the defense ministry in Berlin, reported Reuters. According to a spokesman for the ministry among the suspects, there are both civilian staff and uniformed men. In the years from 2007 to … Read more