Australian Prime Minister confident Trump will honor refugee deal

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said he is confident a refugee resettlement deal with the United States will go ahead, despite White House comments which seemed to cast doubt about its future under a Trump administration.In 2013 Australia wisely passed legislation that establishes the refusal of admittance to all refugees who arrive in Australia … Read more

Number killed in battle against ISIS

Under the cover of dust and fog, Islamic State group fighters launched a series of counterattacks on Iraqi positions to the south and west of the militant-held city of Mosul late Friday night and into Saturday morning, according to Iraqi military commanders and officials. Iraq’s military has disputed UN figures indicating that nearly 2,000 Iraqi … Read more

ISIS With New Destroying Plan For Europe

Isis is likely to carry out new terror attacks across Europe in the “near future” as jihadis consider car bombings, chemical weapons and other methods to maximize casualties, security services have warned. The continental law enforcement agency said that car bombs, extortion, and kidnappings could be employed by networked groups of fighters or lone wolf … Read more

One year after the San Bernardino attack

In the  year since Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik killed 14 people in a terrorist attack in San Bernardino, authorities have conducted more than 600 interviews, gathered more than 500 pieces of evidence and served dozens of search warrants. Authorities believe the terrorist attack on Dec. 2, 2015, in San Bernardino may have been … Read more

Man Admits Terrorist Attack Plot

A North Carolina man accused of plotting U.S. terror attacks with a member of the Islamic State group has pleaded guilty to a terrorism charge. The man 10 of age Justin Sullivan of Morganton pleaded guilty Tuesday in Asheville to one count of attempting to commit an act of terrorism transcending national boundaries. A sentencing … Read more