Turkish Police Kill Suspected Terrorist 


Turkish police killed a terrorist on Friday, June 2, in a shootout, after receiving information about a possible terror attack. According to a message issued by the provincial police one person was killed in the morning of June 2 in the center of the southern Turkish province of Malatya. The police acted upon a signal of … Read more

British Foreign Policy Contributes to Terrorism According to a Poll 


In a speech after the Manchester Arena suicide bombing, Jeremy Corbyn stated that British foreign policy is in part responsible for the terror attacks in the United Kingdom. YouGov conducted a poll four days after the Manchester attack to check if people support the claim that there is a link between foreign policy and terrorism. … Read more

UK Feared Terror Attacks on Oil Rigs in the 1970s and 80s 


According to secret records that were recently made public, UK feared that there might be terror attacks on oil rigs in the North Sea in the 1970s. UK defense chiefs even considered turning the sea into a minefield. The declassified files showed that senior military figures believed Palestinian groups had “actively considered” targeting a western … Read more

Trump Goes to Supreme Court for Travel Ban 


US President Donald Trump’s administration has asked the US Supreme Court to reinstate his controversial ban on travelers from six Muslim majority nations despite repeated setbacks in the lower courts, RTE reported. In its filing, the government asked the highest court in the land to rule on the legal standing of Mr Trump’s order, appealing … Read more

3 Officers and 1 Soldier Die in Militant Hub in Egypt 


Three officers and one soldier died earlier this week while clearing a militant hub in the Bahariya Oasis in Egypt’s western desert. According to the military reports a suicide belt went off at the time the forces entered the hub. Military spokesperson Tamer el-Refaie said on his Facebook page that the incident took place during ongoing … Read more

In Iraq, ISIS seals off area around symbolic mosque in Mosul 


Islamic State group militants have blocked the area around a highly symbolic mosque in Mosul’s Old City where the group’s leader made his first and only public appearance in 2014, a resident said Thursday, Fox News reported. The move came as U.S.-backed Iraqi forces are pushing to recapture the city’s remaining pockets. The militants have … Read more

Five Countries form a Defense Pact Discuss Online Terrorism in Singapore


Five countries in a longstanding defense pact met in Singapore on Friday and said that they will continue working together and use the internet to fight terrorism, Fox News reported. Officials from the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore held a joint news conference after meeting in the city-state. The countries are part … Read more

Attack at Resorts World Manila: Robbery not Terror Act 


Around Friday midnight a gunman stormed Resorts World Manila opening fire and setting part of the casino on fire, which resulted in the death of at least 37 people. Despite speculations that it was an ISIS terror attack police regards this as a robbery. Both the presidential spokesman and the police director stated that the … Read more