WhatsApp APK Download and Test the Latest Feature

WhatsApp APK Download

WhatsApp APK file is obviously intended for Android mobile devices to download and install. It is an alternative if you prefer to download the app aside from the Google Play Store. In fact, you can download the app from a trusted website in case you want to try the beta version of WhatsApp. The beta … Read more

WhatsApp Has Earned Some Mixed Reactions from Its Users

whatsapp users

WhatsApp is a communication tool that has become so popular around the world. However, you have to keep the app updated in order to take advantage of the many features. Part of this is to avoid certain abuses done by hackers to victimize users all over the world. For instance, WhatsApp is releasing a new … Read more

Google Play Store APK Update Via Unknown Sources

Google Play Store APK

The latest release of Google Play Store is version 8.3.73, so Google has featured some changes in terms of user interface. Although there are no visual changes revealed, Google recommends updating the Play Store in order to benefit from the performance and security fixes. Take note that Google would release certain updates to the Play … Read more

Surface Book 2 vs. Lenovo Yoga 920 – Best Specs and Features Comparison

For those wondering how to treat themselves for Christmas, a new laptop might be the perfect gift. It is important to have a laptop with good specs and features, especially when we spend a lot of time in front of it daily.  Christmas is around the corner and apart from giving gifts to our loved … Read more

Adobe Flash Player 27 Major Update with AutoScript API Support

Flash Player received a new update which enhances its Flex content. The developers behind Flash Player are advising users to download the update as soon as possible since the changes it brings are quite important. In addition, Flash Player will automatically update itself if the “Allow Adobe to install updates” option is enabled. AutoScript API … Read more

Facebook Messenger Beta APK Download Available with Audio and Video Calls Improvements

Facebook is the world’s most popular social media platform. This platform is also bundled with a special messenger that’s packed with tons of features which have been specially designed to make it easier for Facebook users to communicate. Basically, Facebook Messenger is the place where everyone can instantly connect with their friends, family members and … Read more

Adobe Flash Player Version Update Download with Enhanced User Experience

Adobe Flash Player is the most popular browser based application in the world. The reason behind this being that Flash Player is equipped with a ton of features and it serves a huge number of purposes. Nonetheless, the plug-in is constantly being updated which enhance its abilities. In fact, a new update which brings its … Read more

Google Maps Version v9.65 Beta Download Available with New Map Options and Improvements

Google has released a new Google Maps version, the v9.65 beta and it has some new features and a few changes. Some changes included in the changelog are a new shortcut to offline map settings and toggle for using location history so as to improve commute updates. Changes brought by the new Google Maps v.9.65 … Read more