Xbox One Update Available with Re-gifted Games and DLCs

The newest Xbox One update made by Microsoft (1711.171024-1923) brings the ability to gift games, subscriptions and DLC to second parties. The Xbox community has been wondering how the new service works and Mike Ybarra, Corporate Vice President Xbox and Windows Gaming Platform has decided to give a few details. Learn how to gift Xbox … Read more

Firefox Update Download Available with Better Security Against Canvas Fingerprinting

Websites use cookies to track user activity on the web and this is a controversial matter that most browser are choosing to avoid. However, this is not the case with Firefox since its set to become the world’s first major browser that takes measures against canvas fingerprinting. This terminology might be unfamiliar to most people, … Read more

Call of Duty WWII Update Allows Gamers to Play the Campaign

The official release of the Call of Duty: WWII will be on the 3rd of November and until then, only a handful of lucky players are already in the possession of the first-person shooter. It is something normal for the multiplayer version not to be playable until the official release. However, it is unusual for … Read more

Fake Firefox and Adobe Flash Player Update Brings Bad Rabbit Malware

Internet users are facing more and more dangers nowadays due to hackers spreading malware all over the web. This week a new kind of malware, Bad Rabbit, has been liberated into the virtual world. PC users are tricked into believing they are downloading update for Adobe Flash Player but in reality they are getting their … Read more

World War 3 Seems Inevitable as North Korea Threatens to Use Nuclear Weapons within Nine Months

North Korea has always been sharing a conflictive relationship with the United States of America. The two countries have been at each other’ throats for many years and it seems that experts believe that Kim Jong-un could use nuclear weapons to hit the US mainland within nine months. The North Korean dictator could strike soon … Read more

WhatsApp Messenger 2.17.395 Download APK Update with Two New Features

When it comes to free messaging apps, WhatsApp is the name that usually pops up. WhatsApp is a highly optimized communication tool that excels in providing users with the necessary tools to get in touch with their friends such as free audio calls and online messaging. Moreover, WhatsApp is a cross-platform app which runs on … Read more