Mobile Internet Speeds have Improved as Per Ookla: T-Mobile Tops the Charts

t mobile speed

The year 2017 came with a lot of advancements in the tech world that were mere dreams before. One of the progress that has made a lot of other technological upgrades possible is the significant improvement in Internet speeds. Before fast Internet, there was the dial-up which categorically limited the collective power of the network … Read more

Cloud Services to Meet Individual or Business Data Storage Needs

Cloud Services

Lots of businesses have used a variety of cloud services to meet data storage requirements. These services act as external servers in which you can store various data for different uses. They are basically hard drives in which you lease space. Over the years, cloud computing has been improved, which extended to become storage spaces, … Read more

Latest Flash Player Updates Released in November 2017

Flash Player Updates 2017

Every second Tuesday of the month, the most recent batch of software patches brings with it some huge array of security updates to both Adobe and Microsoft. Although all updates are considered important, users of Adobe Flash Player find it very important to have these updates to fix crucial vulnerabilities. In this regard, users are … Read more

iOS 11.1.1 Jailbreak Release Date Might Take Longer Than Expected

iOS 11.1.1 Jailbreak Release

Despite the ton of improvements to iOS 11 released in September 2017, people still want to see jailbroken version of iOS 11. In fact, various features were included in this update, such as the unified Lock Screen and Notification Center, customizable Control Panel, and all-new dock for the iPad, among others. The last known functional … Read more

Security Problems in Cloud Computing that You Need to Look Out For

Security Problems in Cloud Computing

With the advent of faster Internet connections, a new tech industry has been born. In the time of the dial-up Internet, programmers had to calculate the size of the webpages they make in order to facilitate a better experience for the visitors of their site. But when the Internet connection became relatively faster, the sizes … Read more

Adobe Flash Player Download for Windows 10 Edge is not Necessary

Adobe Flash Player Download

Is it still a viable product? If you have closely been following tech news then you would know that there has been a declined in the number of users that the Adobe Flash Player has. Modern browsers have been slowly dropping Adobe Flash Player in favor of HTML5. Although the Flash Player by Adobe is … Read more