Clash of Clans December 2017 Update Brings Exciting New Features

Clash of Clans December 2017

A new update is brewing up the Clash of Clans base with some magic items on its Clan Games. The December 2017 update has finally arrived and it is packed with new challenges and rewards. You can earn more resources and gems, as well as Magic Items! Basically, powerful items have been revealed with some … Read more

Gmail SMTP Settings Allow Temporary Use of Other Email Clients

Gmail SMTP Settings

A number of email software can be used in order to send email from your Gmail account. Such would include Mozilla Thunderbird, Mail for Windows, or Opera email client. If you don’t have Gmail installed on your computer, you can use some of the popular email clients instead. To be able to do this, you … Read more

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Servers Bring the Game Into a New Level

Minecraft Pocket Edition

You might have heard about Minecraft servers, but not all people are aware of its purpose. If you are not so familiar with these servers, then you need to read further to know more about them. Basically, if you want to play Minecraft: Pocket Edition alone, you may not require a server. However, it would … Read more

WhatsApp Security App Keeps Communication between Parties Safe

WhatsApp Security App

Many people might be using social media messaging apps, but not all of them are aware about security features. That’s why WhatsApp is confident enough to inform you that security and privacy are one of their priorities. Since the day WhatsApp was built, the main focus was to help people keep in touch with family … Read more

Free Calling Apps You Can Download for Android Or iOS Devices

Free Calling Apps to Download

People would look for ways to cut down costs of daily living. One of them is the cost of communications via the Internet. Popular among these communications media is voice over Internet protocol or VoIP on your mobile devices. Thus, free calling apps are available for download to make free calls over the Web. Here … Read more