Google Earth Pro 7.3.1 Update Available With New Security Updates

According to Blorge, Google launched the new version of Google Earth Pro, 7.3.1, which brings some significant upgrades as Google made some fixes, security updates, and performance improvements. Plus, 64-bit support has been added! At the moment, Google Earth comes in three different variants, one of which is still addressing to only a few people: … Read more

Learn to Update Adobe Flash Player The Easy Way

Adobe Flash Player will receive updates until its termination date around 2020. According to Blorge, updating Flash Player is simple, yet very important to avoid security issues. There are several ways in which this process can be achieved and this article will guide you step by step. Verify your current Flash Player version. Chances are, … Read more

WhatsApp To Receive Notification Channel Support for Android Oreo

Facebook-owned WhatsApp will receive enhanced notification support on Android Oreo and the update is available on the WhatsApp beta versions. The notification support for Oreo will reach masses soon enough and WhastApp users will be able to disable certain notifications and also prioritize others. WhatsApp notification channel support Google Chrome was the first software in … Read more

Jailbreaking Tool May Be In Near Future For Apple Owners

There’s not been a lot of good news lately for jailbreaking fans. In the past, iPhone users were constantly seeing jailbreaks for their phones. It was the only surefire way they could complexly control their phones. However, Apple made sure to put all the resources it had to ensure jailbreaking was impossible and no longer … Read more

5 Popular Emulators To Use To Play Games and Test Out Apps

App developers like Android emulators, as they are useful in testing out apps and finding out how they work. Gamers who like the old saying of mouse and keyboard gaming can download the Android emulator for themselves. If you own a Mac computer, many of these emulators are compatible with them. How To Find The … Read more

Half-Life Series: What Is The Game About and What Will 3 Bring?

Valve, developer of Half-Life, started teasing its fans on what has been deemed the biggest tease to date – Bridge Constructor Portal. Valve is set to officially license it, giving it a little something extra on the ordinary bridge constructor game. What Else Should You Know About Half-Life 3? Valve said the game would be … Read more