US bombing Islamic State in Libya


The US inflicted air strikes on Monday against squads of Islamic State in the Libyan city of Sirte, said the Pentagon. The campaign against the Islamists in Sirte is led since May, but the West refrained from active engagement, partialy because of the lessons learned from the chaos arisen after the overthrow and murder of Muammar … Read more

Syrians reported a chemical attack in the city near which was shot down a Russian helicopter

Rescue teams working in Syria in areas controlled by the opposition said that  late Monday a helicopter threw containers with poisonous gas in Sarakeb city, near which hours earlier was shot down a Russian military helicopter. A spokesman for the Syrian Civil Protection said to”Reuters” that 33 people, mostly women, and children, were affected. The group … Read more

Taliban attack on a hotel in Kabul

A strong explosion rocked Kabul at 1:30 local time, according to the website of TV TOLO News. Initial data were for a blast of a truck with explosives directed against hotel “Northgate”, а guarded housing complex for foreign military and civilian organizations, on the street “Jalalabad”. A source told the media that four attackers leading combat … Read more



Imagine a calm market day in Jerusalem. People stroll the square in front of the Temple and discuss their daily affairs and the topical themes. Someone goes on a pilgrimage to the Temple of God. On the square are Jews and gentiles and foreigners from all over the ancient world. Suddenly, five-six men scattered in … Read more

Todor Aleksandrov

Todor Alexandrov

  This week ,We present you Todor Aleksandrov the organizer of the donkey terorrist attacks and other terrorist acts against Ottoman Empire. Todor Alexandrov is a legendary Bulgarian revolutionary and fighter for the liberation of the enslaved Bulgarians in Macedonia from the Ottoman Empire. He stands at the head of the first terrorist organization in Europe … Read more