The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard as a Hard Drive Recovery Software

Right off the bat, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows is easy to use and configure. It only takes one click for the recovery software to work its magic and restore a variety of files that were deleted. For anyone who is technologically challenged, using the application will definitely ease whatever apprehensions they might … Read more

Get To Know About The Latest ShowBox Legal Status (April 2018)

ShowBox Legal Status - April 2018

Lots of people have used ShowBox due to its ability to provide easy access to pirated content instead of paying for the licensed products. But, take note that this app is not available from the Google Play Store even if it is exclusive only for Android devices. This led some users to question the legality … Read more

Obsidian Ready to Embark on Fallout: New Vegas 2

Fallout New Vegas 2 -April 2018

Obsidian Entertainment, Inc. came to prominence by making game sequels based on licensed properties. It looks like this year’s big venture would be no different. Fallout 4 Release Three months ago, we blogged about Obsidian’s plans to come up with new ideas for Fallout 4: New Vegas. A new feature that caught our attention was … Read more