Learn to Update Adobe Flash Player The Easy Way

Adobe Flash Player will receive updates until its termination date around 2020. According to Blorge, updating Flash Player is simple, yet very important to avoid security issues. There are several ways in which this process can be achieved and this article will guide you step by step. Verify your current Flash Player version. Chances are, … Read more

Microsoft Security Patch Offers Adobe Flash Player Update

All Adobe Flash Player users need to be concerned about the software’s security vulnerabilities. After all, there are many threats like the Bad Rabbit ransomware that can affect a person’s computer and pocketbook. The Bad Rabbit ransomware, which was developed to look like a Flash Player update, was a malware that was created through social … Read more

Android Users Need To Manually Download Flash Player For Their Devices

If you have an Android device, you don’t have Flash Player on it. Google Play Store no longer has it, which means to get it, you need to know how to install it manually. How do you do this? Installation Of Flash Player On An Android Device Your smartphone must have the Android software installed. … Read more

Downloading The Latest Flash Player Updates

You have multiple ways in which to download the update: The update is available for multiple Windows versions including but not limited to: Windows 8.1/Windows RT 8.1 Windows Server 2012, Server 2012 R2, Server 2016. Windows Server 2016 Windows Server Version 1709 Windows 10 Version 1511 Windows 10 Version 1607 Windows 10 Version 1703 (Creators … Read more

Microsoft Releases Update To Address Bug In Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player certainly paved the way for today’s Internet world. In the past, it was considered an important part of a person’s browsing experience and was important for all users. This certainly isn’t the case anymore.  And, Flash Player has proven to more of a hindrance because of the multiple vulnerabilities it’s built with. … Read more

Bad Rabbit Malware Spreading To Countries In Eastern Europe Through Flash Player Vulnerability

Another malware attack using the embattled Adobe Flash Player has been spotted. It’s known as the Bad Rabbit, and it’s been striking companies throughout Russia and Eastern Europe.  Bad Rabbit spreads through infected websites to the computers and devices of innocent victims. According to an intelligence team with Cisco, the threat will redirect victims to … Read more

Chrome Users See Better Protection From Hackers Exploiting Adobe Flash Player Vulnerabilities

Adobe Flash Player has seen an uptick in vulnerabilities to Internet threats, but Google Chrome is still the best in keeping its users secure. Why? Chrome was able to sandbox the plug-in, which is why people are advised to update their Google Chrome browser often to thwart any attempt at any attack through the Flash … Read more

Bad Rabbit Malware Appears To Mainly Attack Russian Computers

There’s been a rampant rise of ransomware malware, with anti-malware software companies doing everything they can to protect individual and company computers. The problem is that once one is solved, another comes around. This time, it’s affecting computers throughout the Eastern Europe area. Dubbed Bad Rabbit, it’s attacked Russian media outlets like Interfax. The ransomware … Read more

Adobe Releases Update To Address Critically Serious Security Flaw In Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player users are constantly seeing security updates, and that’s because of the multiple vulnerabilities this program has. The company itself, as well as security experts, are watching Flash to ensure problems are solved before they rear their ugly head. Most people know how vulnerable the Flash Player program is, which is why it’s … Read more