Learn to Update Adobe Flash Player The Easy Way

Adobe Flash Player will receive updates until its termination date around 2020. According to Blorge, updating Flash Player is simple, yet very important to avoid security issues. There are several ways in which this process can be achieved and this article will guide you step by step. Verify your current Flash Player version. Chances are, … Read more

Adobe Flash Player Download Available on Windows with Security Fixes

The latest Adobe Flash Player update has reached v. and it’s available to download. Adobe has released the details about this version, showing us that they keep on working on fixing security issues. Microsoft has also patched these fixes on Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 and for those that want to directly … Read more

Adobe Flash Player with Microsoft Windows Patch Update

Adobe Flash Player

Since Adobe Flash Player is undeniably on its way out, if you can help it then be aware that a lot of notable tech sites and online computer review companies are saying that you will need to be start letting go of this particular tech especially if you are a content maker or producer. There … Read more

Adobe Flash Player Download Possible For Older PC Or Mac

Adobe Flash Player Download

You can still enjoy using Flash Player for older computers. This is great news for those who are still using outdated browsers. Basically, this is applicable for users of older PCs or Macs. Adobe Flash Player 28 is downloadable from the official site. In fact, you can get an online installer for Windows 7, 8, … Read more

Adobe Flash Player Makes the Plug-in Available for 64-bit Browsers

Adobe Flash Player used to be a plug-in that was crucial in order to access the Internet a few years ago. However, Flash slowly began to become vulnerable and hackers started exploiting all of its weaknesses. Finally, it became very clear that Adobe Flash Player is outdated and needs to be replaced with better technology. … Read more

Microsoft and Adobe Flash Player Received Updates

As usual, every Tuesday of every month Microsoft releases essential security updates. This month is the last update batch for 2017 and it brings over 30 security vulnerabilities fixes for users of Windows, Office, Exchange Server, Edge and even the protection engine against malware for products such as Windows Defender. More on the last fix … Read more

Adobe Flash Player Released the December Patch with Sole Vulnerability Fix

Adobe released on Tuesday a new update and it lists only one vulnerability fix for Flash Player, CVE-2017-11305. This vulnerability could have triggered an unintended reset of global settings preference file. More on the December update patch The vulnerability affected Windows, Linux, Mac and Chrome. It was rated moderate with a priority rating of 2 … Read more

Microsoft Security Patch Offers Adobe Flash Player Update

All Adobe Flash Player users need to be concerned about the software’s security vulnerabilities. After all, there are many threats like the Bad Rabbit ransomware that can affect a person’s computer and pocketbook. The Bad Rabbit ransomware, which was developed to look like a Flash Player update, was a malware that was created through social … Read more