NEW 9/11 ATTACK Is Currently Being Planned ISIS AND AL-QAEDA

A high level US security chief is warning Isis fanatics and other terrorists groups are planning massive attack on USA soil. They are planning for huge explosions that inflict wide scale death and destruction. Elaine Duke, the acting Secretary of Homeland Security for President Donald Trump, said jihadists were using crude knife and van attacks … Read more

Al Qaeda Launches Jihadist Contest in Yemen to Honor Ramadan, the Prizes are Guns and Money 


Militants from Ansar Al Sharia, the Al Qaeda branch in the Arabian Peninsula, are seeking new ways to attract people to jihad. They have chosen the form of a contest, launched in Yemen, where people will be subjected to jihadist propaganda and the best performers will receive a reward. The contest, which was named “Our Message” … Read more

Kenya’s Army Says It Killed 52 Islamist Militants in Somali Raid 


Kenya’s army said its troops raided a camp used by Al-Qaeda-linked militants in southern Somalia, killing about 52 of the Islamist fighters and forcing others to flee. Ground troops “supported by mortar and artillery fire” were deployed early Friday to “neutralize” the camp used by al-Shabaab militants in Somalia’s Lower Jubba region, the military said … Read more

Iraq’s VP Warns Against Possible Alliance Between Al Qaeda and ISIS  


Iraq’s Vice President Ayad Allawi said that he received information from his contacts in Iraq and the region that Al Qaeda and ISIS are exchanging ideas on the possibility to join their forces. The Vice President refused to give any further details but said: “I don’t know exactly when, but there are discussions and dialogues between … Read more

11 Malian Soldiers Killed in a terror attack

Egypt condemned on Monday a terrorist attack on a military base in Mali that killed 12 soldiers, according to a statement by the Egyptian foreign ministry. Al-Qaeda-linked groups have recently been moving into previously untouched parts of Africa, as Islamist terrorists seek to gain exposure in the Sahel and neighboring Burkina Faso, with which Mali … Read more

Syria attacks were ‘acts of political terrorism’

Syria’s main opposition camp on said Saturday it condemned “terrorism” after the Syrian government demanded all delegations at Geneva peace talks reject terrorist acts or be branded accomplices. Bashar al-Ja’afari, Syria’s ambassador to the U.N., says the Saturday attacks were a message to the talks in an attempt to derail them. He called them “act … Read more

Bin Laden’s son ‘actively engaged’ in terrorism

Hamza bin Laden, a son of Osama bin Laden, has been officially designated a global terrorist by the United States.Hamza, who is now in his late 20s, was named an official member of al-Qaeda in 2015 and is seen as a possible successor to his father. Sanctions will now be imposed on Hamza bin Laden, … Read more

Al-Qaeda-Linked Al-Shabaab Kills 12 Civilians in Kenya Guesthouse Bombing

At least 12 people have been killed in a bomb attack by Somalia’s Takfiri militants on the town of Mandera in northeast Kenya. Kenyan media quoted police as saying that suspected militants from the al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabaab militant group were behind the attack that targeted a guesthouse on Tuesday. “We have found 12 bodies so far … Read more