Android For Firefox Beta Offers New Features For Users To Enjoy

There are just a few decent solutions to the Internet browser market, but that’s fine. After all, the existing browsers are the biggest around. Similar to the PC, Chrome is king with most people trusting the browser Google developed more than the others. This doesn’t mean that Google is the only browser you should be … Read more

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Has Many New Updates For Android Players

Minecraft Pocket Edition APK Download

Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Android has some new updates for game players to enjoy. What kinds of updates can players see in the latest version? One thing they’ll notice is the Discovery Update, which comes with an array of new content and features that will keep Android players happy and be playing. Marketplace Minecraft players … Read more

Android Users Need To Manually Download Flash Player For Their Devices

If you have an Android device, you don’t have Flash Player on it. Google Play Store no longer has it, which means to get it, you need to know how to install it manually. How do you do this? Installation Of Flash Player On An Android Device Your smartphone must have the Android software installed. … Read more

ShowBox APK 2017 Download Available for Android

The South Korean film distribution company has millions of users around the world. The online movie app for Android allows users to stream their favorite movies or watch trailers on their smartphones. Showbox App: features The free movie streaming app is relatively new compared to its biggest competitors such as Lotte Entertainment or CJ Entertainment. … Read more

WhatsApp Has Earned Some Mixed Reactions from Its Users

whatsapp users

WhatsApp is a communication tool that has become so popular around the world. However, you have to keep the app updated in order to take advantage of the many features. Part of this is to avoid certain abuses done by hackers to victimize users all over the world. For instance, WhatsApp is releasing a new … Read more