Apple Develops Program To Reduce Desire For iOS Jailbreaking Tools

One of the biggest tech companies in the world to create smart tech for the world is Apple. It constantly releases an update for its hardware and software that people are still trying to circumvent, leaving them vulnerable to hacking. While Apple’s closed security system is in place to keep consumers safe, some people just … Read more

Apple’s iOS 10.3.3 May Actually Be Jailbroken Despite The Company’s Attempt To Eliminate The Practice

Apple has been trying hard to eliminate the chances for its iOS to be jailbroken, which means many iOS jailbreaking users may soon see the ability end.  What is making it so hard for a jailbreaking tool to be developed? It’s Apple’s constant updates for patching vulnerabilities that make it so difficult. Apple’s newest OS … Read more

Apple Ships Out iPhone X Devices Sooner Than Expected

Most iOS users believe it’s not possible to jailbreak their devices, but that’s just not true. You can still jailbreak your devices despite the fact that Apple is constantly working on its OS. Many developers have come up with a jailbreak tool for iOS even though Apple does its best to keep that from happening. … Read more