Clash of Clans December 2017 Update Brings Exciting New Features

Clash of Clans December 2017

A new update is brewing up the Clash of Clans base with some magic items on its Clan Games. The December 2017 update has finally arrived and it is packed with new challenges and rewards. You can earn more resources and gems, as well as Magic Items! Basically, powerful items have been revealed with some … Read more

Clash of Clans Update Brings Several Events To The Gameplay

Clash of Clans Update

Clash of Clans has now been filled with events that should make the clashing experience more exciting. Understandably, many players have shifted to another game, but they still have their accounts. In fact, more and more people are getting back into the game these days with the introduction of new Events. On November 10-13, 2017, … Read more