Security Problems in Cloud Computing that You Need to Look Out For

Security Problems in Cloud Computing

With the advent of faster Internet connections, a new tech industry has been born. In the time of the dial-up Internet, programmers had to calculate the size of the webpages they make in order to facilitate a better experience for the visitors of their site. But when the Internet connection became relatively faster, the sizes … Read more

The Top 3 Cloud Service Providers and Their Products

Amazon cloud services

Businesses to ordinary citizens rely on cloud-based services these days. The storage of files, the collaboration between teams, and the retrieval and keeping of mail are functions that can now be done over the internet and through devices. And there are many companies responsible for making such services widely available. Get to know them and … Read more

Best Cloud-Computing Vendors – Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Salesforce, Sap

According to Forbes contributor, Bob Evans, the top ten Cloud-computing titans of 2017 are: Microsoft, Amazon, Salesforce, SAP, IBM, Oracle, Google, ServiceNow, Workday and VMware. The reason why Amazon is not the first one on the list is due to the fact that it has a long history (42 years) of experience in software. Microsoft … Read more