Is There a Malware-Free Google Play Store APK? Where to Download

Google Play Store APK

Smartphones help transfer information faster and enable the user to do anything on his/her phone thanks to apps. With the widespread use of these apps and websites that carry these files comes the risk of virus, spyware, and anything malware. The question is, is there a malware-free Google Play Store APK? If so, where to … Read more

Getting to Know Google Play Store Even Better

Google Play Store

Google Play Store is one of the largest online store in world being the official and default app store repository for all Android based devices. It came from three separate stores – Google Music, Google eBookstore, and the Android Market. Before the merge it was only known as the Android Market. It has over 2.7 … Read more

Fake WhatsApp From Google Play Downloaded 1 Million Times

WhatsApp is one of the applications that have the biggest number of users in the world. And it appears that some coders want to use that for their own benefit. Recently, a fake WhatsApp messenger has been discovered by Reddit users on Google Play. The application looked just like the original one and it already … Read more