Google Play Store 11.6.15 APK Latest Version Available Now

Google Play Store APK Update

You can update the Google Play Store on your Android mobile device with the latest version 11.6.15. In fact, Google has featured certain changes for its user interface. You might not be able to see the changes, but Google has recommended updating the app so that you can benefit from the security and performance. Some … Read more

Is There a Malware-Free Google Play Store APK? Where to Download

Google Play Store APK

Smartphones help transfer information faster and enable the user to do anything on his/her phone thanks to apps. With the widespread use of these apps and websites that carry these files comes the risk of virus, spyware, and anything malware. The question is, is there a malware-free Google Play Store APK? If so, where to … Read more

Properly Find and Download The APK File For Google Play Services and Store

In order for you to easily have Google Play Services on an Android device, you must go into a local app storehouse and download it.  The Play Store has a plethora of apps that can run on your Android tablet or smartphone. Just visit the Play Store and type in the Google Play Services in … Read more

[Download] Google Play Store 8.7.09 APK with New Improvements

There are many things which make Google’s Android operating system so popular but the most important one has to be the apps. A great example of this is Uber, Facebook and Instagram. One of the main reason why people love buying Android powered devices is the endless amount of apps that they receive access to. … Read more

Get The Latest Google Play Store On Your Android Device

It doesn’t matter how old or new your Android device is; it must have Google Play Store if you are to download and install an app. It’s important that your device’s Play Store is current, as many apps require it. Unfortunately, many older Android devices do not support the latest updates of Play Store. This … Read more

Google Play Store Available with New Requirements for Developers

Google decided to modify the existing requirements for app developers. Some of the new app security and performance changes include a compulsory 64 bit app version by August 2019, additional security metadata to each APK and more. The new Google Play Store requirements All new apps and updates for existing apps will have to target … Read more

Google Play Store Download APK Safety Tips to Avoid Malware

Google Play Store Download APK

Downloading apps from the Google Play Store is the safest option that you can do to enjoy using your Android mobile device. However, there are apps that you can’t get from the Play Store due to certain reasons. So, users are tempted to acquire APK files from third-parties. However, doing this can potentially harm your … Read more