NEW 9/11 ATTACK Is Currently Being Planned ISIS AND AL-QAEDA

A high level US security chief is warning Isis fanatics and other terrorists groups are planning massive attack on USA soil. They are planning for huge explosions that inflict wide scale death and destruction. Elaine Duke, the acting Secretary of Homeland Security for President Donald Trump, said jihadists were using crude knife and van attacks … Read more

Syrian forces with US support declares victory in Raqqa

A United States-backed Syrian force officially declared its victory over the Islamic State group (ISIS) in its self-styled “capital” of Raqqa on Friday, announcing that the northern city of Syria had been freed from any extremist presence after a four-month battle that the left in ruins. During a press conference in the city, the Kurdish … Read more

In Iraq, ISIS seals off area around symbolic mosque in Mosul 


Islamic State group militants have blocked the area around a highly symbolic mosque in Mosul’s Old City where the group’s leader made his first and only public appearance in 2014, a resident said Thursday, Fox News reported. The move came as U.S.-backed Iraqi forces are pushing to recapture the city’s remaining pockets. The militants have … Read more

Iraq’s VP Warns Against Possible Alliance Between Al Qaeda and ISIS  


Iraq’s Vice President Ayad Allawi said that he received information from his contacts in Iraq and the region that Al Qaeda and ISIS are exchanging ideas on the possibility to join their forces. The Vice President refused to give any further details but said: “I don’t know exactly when, but there are discussions and dialogues between … Read more

ISIS Kills at Least 44 in Two Suicide Bomb Attacks on Churches in Egypt 


ISIS suicide bombers attacked two Coptic Christian churches in Egypt during the services for Palm Sunday killing at least 44 and injuring more than 100. The authorities announced official mourning on Monday and the president called for a three-month state of emergency. The first attack on Sunday was at St. George Church in the Nile Delta … Read more

33 Young Men Slaughtered by ISIS Found in a Mass Grave 


A human rights group reported that a mass grave with 33 young men slaughtered by Islamic State militants  was found near the town of Mayadeen in Deir el-Zour province, close to the Syrian border with Iraq. The information about the murders was also reported by opposition activist Omar Abu Laila. According to the information the victims are … Read more

Islamic State Calls Trump “An Idiot”  


In the first official statement released on April 4 by Islamic State to the United States after Donald Trump took office they declared that the country is “being run by an idiot”. The terrorist organization spokesman Abi al-Hassan al-Muhajer said on the messaging network Telegram: “America you have drowned and there is no savior, and … Read more

U.S. backed up troops to capture Syrian airbase from ISIS

US-backed Syrian Kurdish forces captured a strategically important air base from ISIS militants in north Syria on Sunday in the first major victory for the group since the US airlifted the forces behind enemy lines four days ago. “The bombardment forced a large number of ISIS militants to evacuate their posts inside the airbase,” SDF officer … Read more

Men plead guilty to planning ISIS attack in New York City

A Queens man, who along with a Mariners Harbor resident plotted a pressure-cooker bomb terrorist attack in the metropolitan area, has pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy and other charges.Munther Omar Saleh, 21, entered his plea Friday in Brooklyn federal court, a day after Staten Island resident Fareed Mumuni, 22, pleaded guilty to similar charges. As … Read more