Microsoft and Adobe Flash Player Received Updates

As usual, every Tuesday of every month Microsoft releases essential security updates. This month is the last update batch for 2017 and it brings over 30 security vulnerabilities fixes for users of Windows, Office, Exchange Server, Edge and even the protection engine against malware for products such as Windows Defender. More on the last fix … Read more

Will There Be Any Announcement Regarding The Release of Next-Gen Gaming Consoles In 2018?

There have been rumors circulating about the possible release dates of the PS5 and Xbox Two such as a release date of sometime in 2018. Many people, on the other hand, feel that a next-year release is a bit too early, especially since the latest devices are doing so well. If sales were to slow … Read more

Microsoft Security Patch Offers Adobe Flash Player Update

All Adobe Flash Player users need to be concerned about the software’s security vulnerabilities. After all, there are many threats like the Bad Rabbit ransomware that can affect a person’s computer and pocketbook. The Bad Rabbit ransomware, which was developed to look like a Flash Player update, was a malware that was created through social … Read more

Microsoft Releases Update To Address Bug In Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player certainly paved the way for today’s Internet world. In the past, it was considered an important part of a person’s browsing experience and was important for all users. This certainly isn’t the case anymore.  And, Flash Player has proven to more of a hindrance because of the multiple vulnerabilities it’s built with. … Read more