Minecraft: Pocket Edition Free APK Download is Now Available!

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Free APK Download

Everyone’s favorite adventure and building blocks game is a gift that keeps on giving for Android fans and users. Minecraft: Pocket Edition Free has a ready APK download for those who need it. Fans can continue to build and enjoy the game’s features whenever and wherever they want. About Minecraft: Pocket Edition Minecraft: Pocket Edition … Read more

Download and play Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK on your Android For Free

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft has become a quite popular computer game for the young and old (young at heart) who enjoy video games. It was originally created for the computer and this is where it developed its rather large following. As more and more people started discovering it and cell phone usage exploded all over the world, it … Read more

Minecraft: Pocket Edition to be Updated Soon

2018 comes with great news and bad news, everyone. The developer and designer of the Minecraft: Pocket Edition, the famous Daniel Kaplan, announced early today via a Twitter message that those good people who are working to improve this game for us had learned about the player’s opinions, suggestions and feedback. Good news They said … Read more

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Servers Bring the Game Into a New Level

Minecraft Pocket Edition

You might have heard about Minecraft servers, but not all people are aware of its purpose. If you are not so familiar with these servers, then you need to read further to know more about them. Basically, if you want to play Minecraft: Pocket Edition alone, you may not require a server. However, it would … Read more

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Latest News and Upcoming Updates For 2018

Minecraft Pocket Edition Latest News

There is good news for Minecraft: Pocket Edition fans nowadays. This is because the game’s designer Daniel Kaplan has made an announcement that he would write something about the game through his multimedia account page just a few days ago. In fact, Kaplan said they have listened to the feedbacks and suggestions of the fans. … Read more

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Download APK for Android Devices

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Download APK

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is a paid app that you can download for Android and iOS devices. However, you can also download the APK file from a third-party for free. Read further to know how to download the free version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Basically, you can download and install the app from the Google Play … Read more

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Has Evolved To Become One of the Best

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

In 2011, the project named Minecraft: The Mobile Edition has become Minecraft: Pocket Edition. It was made available on Android and Xperia Play, becoming so popular that expansion to more compatible devices was inevitable. In fact, it has reached the iOS platform, carving out a niche, as the game rapidly rolled out from there. Minecraft … Read more

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Update Is Packed With Great Surprises

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Update

The Better Together update of Minecraft: Pocket Edition is here and it has arrived with some great surprises. In this new update, players can enjoy exploring massive multiplayer servers straight from the game menu. Moreover, it allows you to play with friends on different devices. It is good to know that you can generate worlds … Read more

Discover More about the Discovery Update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Android

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

New updates have arrived for Android’s Minecraft: Pocket Edition, including Discovery Updates and more. The long-awaited Discovery Update for the sandbox game comes with a bunch of new features and content that are sure to keep Android users entertained. Marketplace This is an in-game store where Minecraft players can purchase new content created and provided … Read more