Get The Latest Google Play Store On Your Android Device

It doesn’t matter how old or new your Android device is; it must have Google Play Store if you are to download and install an app. It’s important that your device’s Play Store is current, as many apps require it. Unfortunately, many older Android devices do not support the latest updates of Play Store. This … Read more

Minecraft Play Store Add-Ons Compromised With Malware

Nothing – no device, no software, no game – is safe from people who wish to do other people harm. It appears that Minecraft is also being targeted by hackers. According to cybersecurity firm, Symantec, Minecraft players need to be concerned about a potential Minecraft add-on that the Google Play Store offers. The add-on is … Read more

Download Google Play Store On Your Older Android Device

Most Android devices have the Google Play Store installed on them. The exception is out-of-date devices that no longer have Play Store on them or doesn’t come with Play Store already installed. Smaller smartphones developed in Asia didn’t have all the popular apps people have come to know and use – Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, etc. … Read more