Is There an Upcoming Expansion for The Sims 4 for PS4 and Xbox One?

Sims 4 Upcoming Expansion for PS4

The Sims has been a well-loved life simulation game for years now. Since its birth in February 2000, these game series has avid fans all over the world who loyally play the game one edition after the other. Today, the game is in its fourth generation and since its release, The Sims 4 has already … Read more

The Sims 4 Next DLC Update Is Getting Closer Than You Imagined

Sims 4 Next DLC Update

There are many questions that people asked about the very famous life simulation game franchise The Sims. This was related to the next DLC update, which might have some hints as to when it will happen. Well, The Sims 4 was announced in May 2013 by EA, but that wasn’t out until September 2014. That … Read more