Australian police prevented Christmas day attack

Australian police said Friday they arrested seven people as part of an investigation into a plot to attack central Melbourne on or around Christmas Day. The suspects had been inspired by the Islamic State group and planned attacks on Melbourne’s Flinders Street train station, neighboring Federation Square and St. Paul’s Cathedral, Victoria state Police  Chief … Read more

South Australian charged with advocating terrorism

A South Australian man has been charged with advocating terrorism by filming demonstrations on how to kill Jewish people — the first time the charge has been laid in Australia. An Australia Federal Police spokesman said it was the first time anyone in Australia had been charged with advocating terrorism. The Flinders Park man, 50, … Read more

Two Australians sentenced for planning terror attack

Australian men Omar Al-Kutobi, 25, and Mohammad Kiad, 27, have both been sentenced to a minimum of 15 years in jail for each pleaded guilty to one count of acting in preparation for a terrorist act where they planned to detonate a bomb and kill a random member of the public.They were arrested during counter-terrorism … Read more

Police arrest 24-year old man for breaking fighter law

Counter-terrorism police allege one of two people arrested in Sydney raids this morning had links to a member of foreign fighter network. State and federal police from the Joint Counter Terrorism Team have arrested Mehmet Biber, 24, and a 17-year old boy on suspicion of breaching foreign fighter laws. Biber was arrested at Birrong this … Read more

Counter-terrorism police arrest two teens in Sydney

Counter-terrorism police have arrested two 16-year-old boys over an incident in Sydney’s south-west. Officers seized two knives, one allegedly a bayonet, when a pair of 16-year-old boy were arrested on Fetherstone Street at Bankstown. The arrests were part of an ongoing operation.The police have also stated that one of the boys was questioned two years ago by New … Read more

Murat Kaya, accused of helping terrorists buy boat, refused bail in Melbourne

A magistrate has refused bail to a Melbourne man accused of taking part in a plot to flee Australia by boat to fight with Islamic State terrorists. Murat Kaya, 25, is charged with making preparations for incursions into foreign countries for the purpose of engaging in hostile activities.He faced the Melbourne Magistrates Court again on … Read more