U.S. backed up troops to capture Syrian airbase from ISIS

US-backed Syrian Kurdish forces captured a strategically important air base from ISIS militants in north Syria on Sunday in the first major victory for the group since the US airlifted the forces behind enemy lines four days ago. “The bombardment forced a large number of ISIS militants to evacuate their posts inside the airbase,” SDF officer … Read more

More than 40 people dead after a twin bomb in Syria

The attack was near the Bab al-Saghir cemetery, which houses Shia mausoleums, with those targeted said to be pilgrims arriving by bus. Sunni militants often target Shias but attacks in the capital are uncommon. A nationwide truce brokered by Russia, Turkey, and Iran took effect on 30 December after talks in Kazakhstan, but sporadic attacks … Read more

Syria attacks were ‘acts of political terrorism’

Syria’s main opposition camp on said Saturday it condemned “terrorism” after the Syrian government demanded all delegations at Geneva peace talks reject terrorist acts or be branded accomplices. Bashar al-Ja’afari, Syria’s ambassador to the U.N., says the Saturday attacks were a message to the talks in an attempt to derail them. He called them “act … Read more

Syrian army repulses terrorist group assault at Aleppo

Syrian troops repulsed a major assault by terrorist groups in the western areas of Aleppo in the last hours the militants attempted to break through government lines and reach the inner neighborhoods of the city using car bombs and salvos of rockets. The terrorist groups, which have amassed on Aleppo’s western outskirts in a bid … Read more

Over 50 Jaysh Al Fateh Terrorist Killed in Clashes with Syrian Army

Jaysh Al Fateh terrorist attacks targeting the Syrian Arab Army in the 3000 Housing Project and Al Assad Academy on Sunday in the southwestern sector of the Aleppo, resulted in big defeat and loss of at least 50 members of the terrorist Group. Jaysh Al Fateh stormed the Syrian Arab Army held 3000 Housing Project and … Read more

Terrorist Fire Kills School Children in Aleppo

At least three children were killed and 14 injured in a militant rocket attack on a school in the government-held west of Aleppo city. “Three children were killed and 14 students were injured in a terrorist rocket attack on the national school in the Shahba neighborhood of Aleppo,” state news agency SANA reported. The neighborhood … Read more

Senior Terrorist Commander Killed in Syrian Air Raids in Hama

A notorious field commander of Tajamo al-Ezzah terrorist group was killed in heavy airstrikes in Northern Hama. Syrian fighter jets pounded terrorists’ concentration centers and gatherings near the towns of Souran, al-Latamina, Ma’an, Tal Bazam, Taybat al-Imam and Kafr Zita, killing scores of the militants, including commander of Tajamo al-Ezzah Mohammad al-Ashtar. Several missile launchpads, … Read more

Five civilians injured in terrorist attacks in Quenitra and Idleb

Two civilians were injured, including a woman, in a terrorist rocket attack on Harfa village in the countryside of the southern Quneitra province. According to a source at Quneitra Police Command as saying that Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists positioned in Mas’hara village targeted on Tuesday afternoon Hafra village with 10 Grad rockets, with one of them hitting … Read more

Six people injured in terrorist attack with mortar shells on Damascus Countryside and Quneitra

Four people have been injured by mortar shells fired by terrorists of the so-called “Jaish al-Fateh” on the surroundings of Damascus Central Prison in Adra area. A source at Damascus Countryside Police Command stated that three mortar shells fired by terrorists positioned in Eastern Ghota fell in the surroundings of Damascus Central Prison causing the injury of … Read more