Turkish Police Kill Suspected Terrorist 


Turkish police killed a terrorist on Friday, June 2, in a shootout, after receiving information about a possible terror attack. According to a message issued by the provincial police one person was killed in the morning of June 2 in the center of the southern Turkish province of Malatya. The police acted upon a signal of … Read more

Turkish Police Detained 5 for Links to Daesh Jihadists 


Turkish police conducted a counter-terrorism operation in Istanbul on Friday, resulting in the detention of five people who allegedly have links to the Daesh jihadist group, local media reported, citing security sources. According to the Anadolu news agency, the police also detained 12 foreign nationals suspected of attempting to travel to conflict zones in both Syria and Iraq. Turkish authorities … Read more

Suicide bomb claims the life of three police officers and wounds at least eight people

Three police officers were killed and at least eight people were injured in an explosion caused by the detonation of a suicide bomb in a house suspected to have been an ISIS safehouse. Three police officers have been killed and at least eight people, among them four Syrian nationals have been injured in an explosion … Read more