The London Attack Toll Reached 5 


Andreea Cristea, a 31-year-old Romanian tourist who fell in the River Thames during the attack on the House of Parliament on 22 March, has died in the hospital where she was treated. Her death marks the 5th victim of the London attack. Cristea was knocked into the river by the SUV driven by Khalid Masood and was lying face-down … Read more

UK Police Released the Last Man Questioned for the March 22 Terror Attack 


Last week the UK police confirmed that the last man who was detained and questioned in relation to the March 22 terror attack was released with no further action. The 30-year-old man was arrested in Birmingham along with 11 other in suspicion of preparation of terrorist attacks. After being questioned by the police the person … Read more

Terrorist attack in front of the British Parliament left 4 dead

Police shot an assailant who stabbed an officer inside London’s Parliament complex on Wednesday. At least four people have died, including the attacker and stabbed the officer, said Mark Rowley, assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police. He said that at least another 20 were injured.A doctor says a woman has died and about a dozen … Read more