Will the New WhatsApp Update Support Older Android Devices?

New WhatsApp

It was during the year 2009 when WhatsApp first released its messaging platform to the public. Founders Brian Acton and Jan Koum, who were former employees of Yahoo!, realized the potential of app industry. From there, the two began to slowly build their dreams from that potential. Since then, WhatsApp grew into something greater. Today, … Read more

WhatsApp To Receive Notification Channel Support for Android Oreo

Facebook-owned WhatsApp will receive enhanced notification support on Android Oreo and the update is available on the WhatsApp beta versions. The notification support for Oreo will reach masses soon enough and WhastApp users will be able to disable certain notifications and also prioritize others. WhatsApp notification channel support Google Chrome was the first software in … Read more

Scammer Trying To Trick WhatsApp Users To Pay Fake Subscription Fee

WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular online messaging apps, with regular updates for bugs and new features. Although that’s the case and even though it’s been trying, the developer hasn’t been able to foolproof its app from various threats. WhatsApp has its fair share of scammers that are looking for various ways in … Read more

WhatsApp Seen As Worthwhile, Money-Saving Alternative To SMS Messaging Service

WhatsApp is a highly recognized alternative to text messaging and SMS. However, it can also be used for audio and video files, voice messages and images. The app covers an array of devices and operating systems for the following devices: Android Blackberry iOS Nokia Symbian Windows Phone Can you send SMS messages to other users … Read more

WhatsApp “Delete for Everyone” Can Be Hacked to Work After 7 Minutes

We’ve all been grateful when WhatsApp has introduced their amazing new feature which allowed us to recall our wrong text to people. This option was released in an update last year by the Facebook-owned app company and it lets us recall those messages we’ve sent by mistake. And not only you can use it in … Read more

FaceTime vs. Google Duo vs. Facebook vs. WhatsApp – What Should You Use?

There’s no ideal identical app to Apple’s Facetime. In any case, there are additionally a lot of applications that claim to offer video chats. But they can’t really satisfy desires. We chose three best applications Android clients should attempt as a contrasting option to Facetime. Google Duo It offers phenomenal video quality by means of … Read more

Using WhatsApp on Your Computer and Syncing It with Your Smartphone

WhatsApp on Your Computer

People would want to have access to their social media accounts anywhere. This includes access to instant messaging accounts such as WhatsApp on the computer aside from having it on the mobile device. However, WhatsApp is not supported on desktop computers. You can only access your WhatsApp account by visiting the link https://web.whatsapp.com from your … Read more

4 Messaging Apps Looking To Dethrone WhatsApp In Popularity 

While WhatsApp is an extremely popular messaging app, it doesn’t mean it will be two or three months from now. The reality is that WhatsApp can be replaced by something even better. And, many companies are working toward that goal – the goal to dethrone WhatsApp from its number one spot. What kinds of apps … Read more