4 Key Steps To Successfully Jailbreak Your iPhone 6

iPhone’s latest version currently to buy on the market is the iPhone X – a device that only people who can afford to buy the newest products came out praising. However, for more practical people, there’s not been a lot of good things.

There have been some mixed emotions from Apple owners, as they know that their device is going to soon be out of date. Simply put. It means no official updates on the software from Apple.

What Can You Do With Your Older Phone?

If you’re still using your iPhone 6, and want to continue doing so, you have the option of jailbreaking it. This is doable for any older iPhone device. Thankfully, with the iPhone 6, there’s no reason to have a computer to make it jailbroken.

4 Steps To Jailbreak Your Device

  • It’s imperative to back up your iPhone 6 to iTunes or iCloud before you start the jailbreaking process. Using the Safari browser, look for Pangu PP Jailbreak iOS 9.2 and find a trustworthy site like iclarified.com. On the page, find the Install Now button to start the installation process.
  • Once you started doing this, you need to switch airplane mode on. This will cause the software to switch from loading and installing. Once it’s done installing, you can turn the Airplane mode off.
  • Go to your Device Management settings to set the profile to Trust.
  • Open up the PP app and enable push notifications. Uncheck the box under the large circle. After you unlock your iPhone, you’ll get a notification that the device has been jailbroken. It will take a few more minutes to set up Cydia.

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