Android Q Third Beta Introduces Ability To Customize Features

Google’s next operating system – Android Q – is already seeing its third beta version, and it’s going to offers users the option to customize their features. For example, users will be able to customize the accent color of their interface. And, for some who don’t see the beauty in this, it’s an addition that allows users to get the most out of the Android experience.

Google is also unveiling a dark mode – for individuals who don’t think the interface accent color is enough. Dark mode is helpful in that it helps the eyes to see the smartphone’s apps and reduce the overall battery consumption the apps use.

Gboard To Support The New Features

Why is it so significant to address these customization options Google is bringing to Android Q? It’s because the Android parent recently said its Gboard will be able to detect Dark Mode and color accents right away. This means the theme color of Gboard will change based on the chosen accent color or Dark Mode.

And, for fans not gung-ho about the color customization schemes, Gboard is respectful of basic ones. Users are not required to access the customization settings to get premium experiences. Still, Gboard’s ability to immediately identify and change based on the options users choose is a great new addition to the host of other features the Android OS has to offer.

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