Apple Develops Program To Reduce Desire For iOS Jailbreaking Tools

One of the biggest tech companies in the world to create smart tech for the world is Apple. It constantly releases an update for its hardware and software that people are still trying to circumvent, leaving them vulnerable to hacking.

While Apple’s closed security system is in place to keep consumers safe, some people just want to break the fold and see just how far their Apple product can go. When they do this, it means their jailbreaking their device.

Apple Introduces The Bug Bounty Program

Apple, in an effort to combat jailbreakers, came up with the Bug Bounty Program. The premise of the program is to entice users to test out the Beta Release of an update and to report on issues they see in the software. Its reward system is one way malicious people had thwarted in creating jailbreaking tools to the masses. They can be rewarded by Apple for the information they learn about the software.

Is There A Jailbreak For iOS 11?

Not even a month after the iOS 11 release, there were rumors that a jailbreak tool was available. The hero/villain responsible for the stunt was none other than Luca Todesco, an Italian developer.

Todesco works with KeenLab, and is already well-known for work he’s done previously such as jailbreaking, bug repairs, etc. He’s dedicated to finding the weaknesses that plague systems and platforms.

While he’s known to have developed an iOS jailbreaking tool, he said several months ago that he wanted to start fresh and would not be helping the jailbreaking community any longer. Jailbreak fans hope someone else will create an iOS 11 jailbreak tool.

Security research team KeenLab said in June that it had a jailbreak tool for the beta iOS 11. Since it was still a beta, Apple had more than enough time to look at the bug to see what happened and fix it before the next software upgrade.

According to reports, Todesco created a tool from the WebKit exploit. Although the version is still new, hacker lovers may soon see other iOS 11 jailbreaking tools hit the market.

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