Apple Login Vulnerability

There were reports from computer experts that Apple had a critical security vulnerability in its Macintosh High Sierra OS. This vulnerability was reportedly a way in which any user can get full access even with a locked computer.

This is possible by typing the word “root” into the login window. Thus, even without putting a password to the login window, the user will be given permission to access the computer by unlocking the security.

However, Apple has fixed this issue by being able to release an update patch. According to Apple, the update can be downloaded and it would be pushed out for installation for users.

A spokesperson for Apple revealed also that they regret this occurrence and they apologize to all users of the Mac. In addition, the spokesperson stated that they are going to audit their development processes in order to help in the prevention of this issue to happen again.

Before the fix was released though, researchers were able to discover that the login screen of the Mac automatically bypasses the security measures. Thus, it would immediately grant root access to the desktop. So, any unattended Mac computer should be vulnerable to unauthorized access by any person who is present.

Several other security experts were able to call the attention of Apple via Twitter. Apple then was able to respond to the issue and got into it right away.

Overall, it is the concern of everyone to keep their computers secure at all times. The incident that Apple had fell victim to was addressed right away in order to control and eliminate the error found by researchers.

Responsible users should manage their Apple login passwords by updating them from time-to-time. If you have forgotten your Apple ID or password, for instance, you can reset your password using confirmation email, password, and security questions. On the other hand, you can use the 2-factor authentication or the 2-step verification to ensure that your system is totally secure.