HDMI 2.1 Available with High Range of Video Resolutions

A new version of the HDMI cable has been released by the HDMI Forum. The HDMI 2.1 has been finalized and it is available for tech companies to integrate it into their new devices.

A new standard

With the release of the HDMI 2.1 a new standard for video outputs, including 4K video (120Hz) and 8K video (60Hz) and 10 K resolution was implemented. The question now is what can we watch using those kinds of resolutions? Nothing, not yet.

HDMI 2.1 announced during CES 2017

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is held every year in January in Las Vegas, at the famous Las Vegas Convention Center. This year, HDMI 2.1 was announced during CES and it seems more as an update for the future rather than the present.

So far, we are barely seeing devices incorporating 4K technology, therefore 8K and 10K might be too much for us to handle for now. It seems that we have to wait until 4K resolution becomes something normal and maybe then new technology such as dynamic HDR video will be implemented in regular devices.

 HDMI 2.1: overview

  • The newest HDMI specification 2.1 supports a high range of video resolutions and it has dynamic HDR formats with a bandwidth capability up to 48Gbps.
  • The new Ultra High Speed HDMI cable will ensure high-bandwidth and it has a low electro-magnetic interference (EMI). This is to reduce interference with other HDMI devices.
  • Another feature is the eARC providing support for advanced audio formats and high quality.
  • Refresh rate features have been added to bring a new level of seamless motion and transition for gaming and movies. The Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) eliminates lag, frame tearing and stutter, while the Quick Media Switching (QMS) eliminates video delay. Quick Frame Transport (QFT) eliminates latency.

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