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Is There a Malware-Free Google Play Store APK? Where to Download

Smartphones help transfer information faster and enable the user to do anything on his/her phone thanks to apps. With the widespread use of these apps and websites that carry these files comes the risk of virus, spyware, and anything malware.

The question is, is there a malware-free Google Play Store APK? If so, where to download one that is safe for your mobile phone? The answer is right here.

Why Google Play Store APK Again?

Android phone users have built-in Google apps including but not limited to Google Chrome, Gmail, Maps, Google Drive, and Google Photos. Most likely, the Google Play Store app has been preloaded into any Android phone making it a breeze to download apps with a few clicks.

Despite this, having an existing Google Play Store on your phone does not mean its the latest one. Google rolls out updates to the app but it can take a while for this to reach to you, unless if you constantly check for updates and install the latest version.

This is where the Google Play Store APK helps out.

APK, or Android Package Kit, is a file format used in distributing applications in the Android ecosystem. When you normally download Google Play Store, the app including its APK will be installed to your phone.

With the Google Play Store APK, you download the APK file and copy it to your device’s storage or an external memory card. It’s like downloading an executory (exe) file that asks you what to do when you download it to your computer.  

The biggest advantage of the Google Play Store APK is it contains relevant updates, improvements, fixes or changes that you need minus the waiting time for the official release.

Malware-Free Google Play Store APK

Search Google Play Store APK on your browser and be amazed at thousands if not millions of results.

But don’t let your enthusiasm get the better of you. Not all websites are reliable sources for sideloading (as what downloading APK files is called).

Two things to ensure you download your Google Play Store APK right and malware-free the first time.

  1. Choose the source wisely. These things can help you make an informed decision:
  • Look at the website’s address. Check if it has “https”: it means that the site sends your data through a secured connection.
  • Choose an authority site. Authority sites already built their reputation of being a good source of information and links about Android apps for instance. They are unlikely to put out harmful links that can ruin their reputation.
  • Go straight to the source. Browse through forums made by and for app developers because they usually add links like this Google Play Store APK
  1. Uncheck “Unknown Sources” when installing the APK.

Android phones have this option checked by default. Untick it to allow the Google Play Store APK to be downloaded to your phone. You can restore the default option when the installation finished.

The Google Play Store APK clearly has its uses but be sure you download it from a safe source.

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