Jailbreaking Tool May Be In Near Future For Apple Owners

There’s not been a lot of good news lately for jailbreaking fans. In the past, iPhone users were constantly seeing jailbreaks for their phones. It was the only surefire way they could complexly control their phones.

However, Apple made sure to put all the resources it had to ensure jailbreaking was impossible and no longer necessary.

It appears the company has succeeded in doing so.

There haven’t been any recent jailbreaking tools for the latest iOS versions. But, a Google researcher has made an announcement that has rocked the jailbreaking world. It’s possible a new tool is on its way.

There’s not been one developer who has yet to crack the iOS 11 software. So, when Ian Beer tweeted people interested in a bootstrap iOS 11 kernel security research may soon see a Part I release.

This means Apple could soon see a jailbreak tool for iOS 11. People believe Beer is going to offer an exploit here soon.

The tweet may mean that Beer isn’t going to release an untethered jailbreak, which means the phone needs to be plugged into a computer for it to be exploited each time the phone is booted. It’ll be the closest things to a jailbreak a person can have. iOS 11.1.2 is the latest update from Apple, released last week.

The Apple community is buzzing about the news. According to Jonathan Levine, an iOS expert, he’ll be releasing a toolkit that will be used to assist in the jailbreaking process. What does it all mean? It means a jailbreaking tool may be right around the corner.

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